Long Island NeuroCare Therapy delivers Neurofeedback that can produce real changes in the level of specific brain activity.

For clinical outcomes, a completed full course of Neurofeedback results in 3 in 4 people receiving a significant improvement in their ADHD Symptoms.1

Clinical Outcomes

Positive changes in brain activity levels can also be seen as evidence of the effects of a complete course of Neurofeedback, illustrated in the figures below. These have been demonstrated on QEEG outputs. These images are QEEG results for two patients that received a significant reduction in Beta spindles. High Beta spindle levels (shown here in red) is characteristic of patients with sleep and impulse control problems.

Patient A

(Before = Top Row; After = Bottom Row)

Patient A Before and After

Patient B

(Before = Top Row; After = Bottom Row)

Patient B Before and After