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Could Your Patient Benefit from a Different Treatment Path?

We foster collaborative care with our referring provider partners, and we are committed to ensuring your patient remains your patient.

Is your patient experiencing Treatment-Resistant Depression?

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy is the New Standard of Care for Treatment-Resistant Depression.

Long Island Neurocare Therapy offers a unique opportunity for your patients to learn more about TMS Therapy and how it can be life-changing for those suffering from depression.

When you refer a patient, they can easily schedule a no-cost TMS Therapy Discovery & Screening appointment.

During this complimentary appointment, your patient will meet with a highly experienced certified TMS Therapy technician that will answer all questions and review their specific situation to see if they are a potential candidate for TMS Therapy.

refer a patient tms therapy

Accepted Insurance

Private insurance, TRICARE and Medicare all widely reimburse TMS Therapy.

During your patient’s consultation, we will discuss insurance coverage, costs, payments and reimbursement. Our experienced patient consultants will work with your patient’s insurance company to determine their benefits coverage.

We do all the heavy lifting for your patient on the reimbursement front once we have the necessary medical records.

Long Island Neurocare Therapy accepts:

Aetna Inc.
Carelon Behavioral Health
Empire BlueCross
Optum United Healthcare

We will work with other insurance carriers regarding out-of-network benefits.

If your patient’s carrier is not listed here, the cost of therapy may be recoverable from various sources including Private Insurers, Flexible Spending Accounts and Patient Financing Loans.

refer a patient neurofeedback

Is your patient not responding to medications or psychotherapy for ADHD or sleep disorders?

Neurofeedback is a medication-free treatment to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of ADHD, improve sleep and positively impact brain activity.

When you refer a patient, Long Island Neurocare Therapy develops a personalized Neurofeedback treatment plan, including a comprehensive assessment.

Neurofeedback is a safe and effective form of treatment proven to provide lasting benefits in children over seven years old, adolescents and adults with difficulties sleeping well, inattention, hyperactivity and impulsiveness.

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