Long Island Neurocare Therapy


Personalized Neurofeedback Makes a Difference

Understanding that every situation is unique, our Neurofeedback treatment plans are individually tailored to our patients’ needs.

Our Approach

At Long Island NeuroCare Therapy, our team leverages advanced technologies to assess each patient and develop a personalized Neurofeedback treatment plan. Our methodology includes complete Quantitative EEG (QEEG), sleep and psychometric evaluation.

This process is done by having each patient first complete a QEEG and a full psychometric assessment. This allows the therapist to take into account the biological, psychological and personal factors of the person’s situation.

Each person also completes a minimum of a 7-day sleep assessment called Actigraphy as well. This process allows the therapist to look at sleep/wake behaviors to see if this could explain some of the symptoms we are seeing.

From this assessment, the therapist will develop a treatment program that is most likely to help with the person’s symptoms.20

Advantages of Neurofeeback

The underlying causes of inattention, hyperactivity, impulsiveness or sleep difficulties are not typically the same in any two patients. Because of this, we create our treatment plans based on the unique brain activity levels of the person, whether a child, adolescent or adult.

Content Reference: 20. Arns et al. (2012).