Neurofeedback is a medication-free treatment to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of ADHD and positively impact brain activity.

Personalized Neurofeedback is a safe and effective1 form of treatment proven to provide lasting benefits2 in children over seven years old, adolescents and adults with difficulties sleeping well, inattention, hyperactivity and impulsiveness.

How does Neurofeedback work?


Neurofeedback is a treatment approach which measures brain activity via electrodes placed on the scalp, with the activity visualized on a computer monitor.

The treatment is based on a detailed pre-assessment of a patient’s brain health and scientifically proven treatment methods. This allows an individual to voluntarily control their brain activity by influencing the signal on the screen. Over a gradual learning process, the person’s brain receives positive feedback for changing its activity to more appropriate activity patterns.

This technique allows an individual to learn how to control their brain activity in response to the feedback on the monitor. The therapist involved in the treatment not only provides the course of Neurofeedback treatments, they also provide cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) tailored to the needs of the individual. The therapist is also essential in motivating a person to achieve long-lasting, positive effects from the personalize treatment process.

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