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Medication Treatment Paths for Mood Disorders

Medication may be the key to improving your mood disorder. Through a psychiatric evaluation, we can help you find the right medication plan to deliver optimal results to help you live to the fullest.

Developing a Personalized Medication Management Treatment Plan

At Long Island Neurocare Therapy, our therapists have expertise in treating various mood disorders through psychiatric evaluation effective medication management.

Manpreet Kaur Nijjar is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner at Long Island Neurocare Therapy with over five years of experience in the behavioral healthcare industry. As a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, she specializes in Medication Management for patients with mental health conditions. Manpreet conducts thorough psychiatric evaluations, collaborates with patients to determine suitable medication options, and closely monitors their progress. By integrating medication management with other therapeutic interventions, she provides comprehensive care that supports patients’ overall well-being and quality of life.

Manpreet Kaur Nijjar, DNP, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner at Long Island Neurocare Therapy

Manpreet Kaur Nijjar, DNP

What is Medication Management?

Prescription medications can treat many mood disorders. Individuals prescribed medications must work carefully with a mental healthcare professional to ensure that their medications are working safely and correctly.

Not all psychiatric medications are effective for every individual. It’s essential to find the proper medication and dosage for you.

Medication management is the ongoing evaluation and monitoring of a medication’s side effects, results, and interactions with other medications.

Our team evaluates each patient’s unique situations to determine the best medication management treatment plan for each individual’s mood disorder. 

Long Island Neurocare Therapy is now accepting in-network patients for Medication Management.

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How does Medication Management Work?

Effective medication management starts with carefully listening to you and understanding your symptoms and any effects or side effects you have experienced with psychiatric medications.

Our team will work with you to determine the best medication for your mood disorder, monitor side effects, and ensure your medication works effectively.

If your medication isn’t providing the relief you need, or if you are experiencing unwanted side effects, contact us to explore if a different treatment path, such as TMS Therapy, might be a good alternative for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Medication management is a service provided to help ensure that patients’ medication serves their needs. Medication management involves regular check-ins with a clinician or healthcare provider to control side effects and symptoms and ensure that multiple medications are not in conflict.

Medication can be an effective treatment for various mood disorders. However, many medication options are available that may be effective for some but not for others. Our providers can help determine the proper medication for your mood disorder, monitor performance and side effects, and ultimately ensure your medication provides the relief you need.

You will need to come prepared to discuss current medications, dosages, and medications you’ve previously taken that have or have not produced results.